Welcome to West Campus Imaging Core

The Imaging Core (IC) was launched in 2014 with the intention of providing access to shared microscopy resources to support the Yale’s research. The IC provides access and training to a broad collection of shared instruments currently including a fleet of optical microscopes with three confocal systems, two wide-field systems, laser-microdissection system, a cell-culture microscope, a stereomicroscope, and soon a newly built optical tweezer system, and an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is also available. The Core also maintains cell culture equipment such as a biosafety cabinet, incubators, a refrigerator, and microfuges and lab support areas for cell culture and sample preparation.  

The mission of the IC is to support and accelerate on-going research and to provide suitable space for incremental additions of high-value shared instrumentation.

Joerg Nikolaus manages day-to-day operations in the Core. Joerg is responsible for training new users, helping with experimental design, and coordinating instrument reservations. All users are required to demonstrate basic knowledge of instrument operation prior to unsupervised use of the instrument. Instrument usage is scheduled and monitored via a reservation website and the time on the instruments is charged for with varying rates depending on the type of instrument.


Advisory Committee

The Imaging Core Advisory Committee is:

Andre Levchenko (Systems Biology - Chair)
Julian Berro (Nanobiology)
Lilian Kabeche (Cancer Biology)
Erdem Karatekin (Nanobiology)
Jun Liu (Microbial Sciences)
John MacMicking (Systems Biology)
Krishna Mudumbi (Postdoc, Cancer Biology)
Sarah Slavoff (Chemical Biology)