Reserving Time:

1. No Calendar reservations more than two weeks in advance (2 weeks for WC, 1week for Yale)

2. User can apply for up to two time slots per week for SD Confocal and up to three time slots for any other microscope 

3. The time slot limits for weekdays (Monday 9am to Saturday 9am):

              - 3 hr time limit between 9am and 7pm

              - no time limits between 7pm and 9am

4. The slot duration is unregulated for weekend time (Saturday 9am to Monday 9am)

5. If slots remain unreserved after 12pm, additional consecutive 9am-7pm time slots can be reserved for the same day

Policies and Procedures:

·Users must complete training before using the microscope

·Users must reserve the microscope calendar time prior to use

· Users must sign in and out of the log book

·Turn each piece of equipment ON and OFF as described in training

·Data storage on local computer is limited to 10 Gb per user

·Do not connect the microscope computer to the Internet

·Use antivirus software to check your external hard drive before copying your data from the computer

·Clean any objects used

·Please report any problems with equipment (log book)

·All equipment must be covered when you leave