Reserving Time:

  1. Only reserve the time you need. 
  2. No Calendar reservations more than two weeks in advance.
  3. User can book up to five time slots per week.
  4. The time slot limits for weekdays (Monday 9 PM to Friday 6 PM):
                  - 5 hr time limit between 9 AM and 6 PM
                  - no time limits between 6 PM and 9 AM and on the weekend.


Policies and Procedures:

· Users must complete training before using the microscope.

· Clean any objects used as described in training.

· Transfer your data after the experiment. Data storage on local computer should not exceed 5 GB per user. The Imaging Core is not responsible for your data. As the Imaging Core computer hard drives are filling up with data, older data (acquired more than one year ago) will periodically be deleted without warning, as needed. Use antivirus software to check your external hard drive before copying your data from the computer.

· Please report any problems with equipment.