Instrument Rates

New instrument rates as of July 1, 2023:


Internal Yale ($/hr)
STEDYCON/Spinning Disk Confocal   -   Abberior/Nikon 40
Laser Scanning Confocal   -   Leica Stellaris 8 40
Laser Scanning Confocal   -   Leica SP8 33
Blaze Light Sheet   -   Miltenyi 35
Laser Microdissection System   -   Leica LMD7000 25
Widefield   -   Leica Thunder Imager 3D Tissue 24
Widefield   -   Leica DMi8 19
Atomic Force   -   Asylum Research Cypher ES 20

Free training for all users.

The Leica DMi8, Leica Thunder, and Leica LMD are charged per actual time used, the Abberior/Nikon STEDYCON/SDC, Leica Stellaris 8, Leica SP8, Miltenyi Blaze, and the AFM are charged as ‘earlier of resereved or actual start’ until ‘later of reserved or actual end’. Billing is no longer capped. 

Other equipment in the Imaging Core (use free of charge): 

  • Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Leica DMIL LED
  • Stereo Microscope Leica M125
  • 3D Printer   (currently out of order)

Available software on the Imaging Core workstations (Rm 006):