Image Analysis Survey

June 23, 2022

Image Analysis Survey

The Center for Open Bioimage Analysis, Bioimaging North America, and the Royal Microscopical Society have released a new and improved 2022 Imaging Analysis Survey. We want to hear from users from all experience backgrounds, from users just starting out to people for whom image analysis is their full time job. We expect that beginners probably need image analysis help the most but currently have the least ability to access it or know about initiatives like this survey, so we particularly encourage you to share this with your users and emphasize that it is designed for all experience levels. We look forward to your feedback!


  • How long is it? 25 q’s, mostly multiple choice.
  • Who should take it? Anyone who has analyzed a microscopy image.
  • What kinds of questions/what are you trying to learn? See the writeup of our last survey to learn more.

Take the Survey here.