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Scanning Slit Optical Beam Profiler


The profiler is ideal for analyzing laser beam profiles that have a close-to-Gaussian beam shape. It allow fast, simultaneous measurements of both the X and Y profiles with a high dynamic range of 78 dB and a variable scanning speed from 2 to 20 Hz without the need of attenuators in the beam path. The profiler is equipped with a physical aperture measuring 9 mm in diameter. This design offers two slit widths, low noise electronics, and the additional knife-edge mode, making it possible to analyze an extended range of beam diameters (2.5 µm to 9 mm) with a single device. The beam diameter is measured in accordance with the ISO11146 standard. It can be displayed using a number of industry-standard clip levels, such as 1/e2 (13.5%), 50%, or an arbitrary clip level set by the user. 

350 MHz Oscilloscope,  Digital Power Supply

Oscilloscope: Agilent DSO-X 4034 A
Power Supply: Agilent U8032 A

Optical Power Meter

1918-R General Power/Energy Meter Specifications

Sampling Rate (kHz)
Measurement Rate (kHz)
10 (CW measurements, semiconductor detectors)
Display Refresh Rate (Hz)
Maximum Rep Rate
20 kHz for Photodiode detectors, peak to peak power
Resolution (% of Full Scale)
Accuracy (%) (2)
±0.2 % for CW, ±1 % for Peak to Peak, Pulse to Pulse, and Integration Mode
Spectral  Range (nm)