Widefield Fluorescence Microscope


System Configuration

Microscope model:



HC PL Fluotar 10x/0.30 Dry, HCX PL Fluotar L 40x/0.06 Dry, HC PL APO CS2 20x/0.45 Imm UV
HC PL APO CS2 40x/1.30 Oil UV, HCX PL APO 63x/1.47 Oil, HCX PL APO CS 100x/1.44 Oil UV

Source of light:

Lumencor SpectraX, filters (nm): 395/25, 440/20-25, 470/24-25, 510/25-25, 575/25-25, 640/30-25 

Filter cube:

Bandpass filter (BP), Long pass filter (LP), units (nm)
DAPI ET: Excitation BP 350/50, Dichroic LP 400, Emission BP 460/50
L5 ET: Excitation BP 480/40, Dichroic LP 505, Emission BP 527/30
RHOD ET: Excitation BP 546/10, Dichroic LP 560, Emission BP 585/40
Y5 ET: Excitation BP 620/60, Dichroic LP 660, Emission BP 700/75


Andor EMCCD iXon Ultra 888  

Autofocus system:

Adaptive focus, Fast focus


Stage,  Z focus, objective turret, DIC prizms

Live cell imaging:

Stage top incubator, temperature controller with CO2 mixer

Available Techniques

Fluorescence imaging

Phase contrast

Differential interference contrast

Z stack

3D image deconvolution

Image stitching